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The Tower of Babel brought more to man than they bargained for...
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 Orion (WIP)

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PostSubject: Orion (WIP)   Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:43 pm



Age: 16
Birth Date: November 25, 2002
Residence: Kest's Home for Orphans
Place of Birth: Avalon
Occupation: Student, First Year
Organizations: Kest's Home for Orphans
Notable Relationships:

Biography Pre-Creation: Left at an orphanage outside of the city of Avalon on November 25, 2002. He was taken in and joined over fifteen other children at the establishment. Grew up healthy and with a home education with access to a large library. Spent his childhood looking for adventure and reading about the events of the fall of the Tower of Babel.

Biography Post-Creation: [Try to keep up a brief synopsis of what has happened since your character has been created. This will help keep you keep tabs of important events and how they affected your character.]


Height: 5'8
Weight: 144 lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Red
Build: Lean/Fit

Appearance: Orion stands an average height for his age and sports a toned built due to the labor he carries out at the orphanage he stays at. From wrangling rowdy kids up for bed to chopping down trees with Kest's husband, Orion's strength, stamina, and endurance have passed the expectations of the average sixteen-year-old. While not outright attractive, Orion carries an intense and confident look about himself which is appealing to many people.

Orion - although at a glance, seems intimidating - is a kind, spirited individual who thrives on friendship and competition. Though he doesn't have many friends, Orion cherishes the ones he has and makes sure that he treats them with respect. However, two qualities shape his character overall - his pursuit of the unknown and his constant battle to better himself. That aside, his most prevalent trait is his stubbornness. Be it broken bones or worse, Orion makes it a point to keep his word and stand up for what he believes in.

Thread History
[You can format this section however you want. Tables, paragraphs, etc. So long as you make sure to include the name of every thread your character participates in, as well as a link to said thread. You don't actually have to write anything beyond the thread name and link, but I personally recommend writing short entries on what happened in these threads. This could, theoretically, replace the post-creation biography on your sheet.]

[This can also be formatted however you'd like, but I recommend not listing the specific abilities/stats of your character here. Those will go into your Secrets section. Instead, you should list how any of your abilities are publicly known to function and appear.]

[List your publicly known assets, such as weapons, possessions, contracts, titles, etc.  Small things, like student textbooks, or clothing don't need to go here, just significant stuff.]

Living Space

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Orion (WIP)
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