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 Lani's Second Character: Phoebe (WIP)

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PostSubject: Lani's Second Character: Phoebe (WIP)   Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:19 pm

Phoebe Carbernet


Age: 14
Birth Date: October 29th, 2003
Residence: Carbernet Orchards, outside Avalon proper
Place of Birth: Avalon
Occupation: Student, First Year; Plantation Heiress
Organizations: Carbernet Orchards and affiliated businesses,
Notable Relationships: Childhood friend of Ace Pendragon and Nanako Oshida

Biography Pre-Creation:
The eldest of three, Phoebe's status as heiress became a matter of birthright by age and by being the eldest child and the only daughter. Phoebe was a premature babe, and a fragile child at first, as a result. This would be why she has been so slighted on height. Besides this, however, her childhood was fairly typical, besides her above-average class standing. As a child, she spent much of her time in the orchards and vineyard, studying, or playing with friends such as Nana and Ace. Being a studious child, she has done seemingly little with her life outside of studying, gymnastics, and socializing with her two friends.

Biography Post-Creation:


Height: 4'11"
Weight: 95 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Purple
Build: Lithe, thin


Phoebe, or "Pheebs," as her friends may denote her, has a body built for agility. She is lithe and agile, on the thinner, less shapely side, and far shorter than most girls. Standing below five feet, she makes up for her size with speed, strength, and flexibility, things learned from gymnastics in varying forms. Outside of this, she has a feminine, simple beauty to her. Her features are not striking in the sense of appearing exotic or atypical by any means, but rather in the simplicity and normalcy of them. She has a natural beauty outside of having to doll up, making her just as striking when she wakes up groggy as when she dolls up for an evening out. The girl seems unphased by this, however, noticing her beauty but not caring for it unless she has a specific reason to; as such, she rarely dones anything that's more than casual. Even her glasses are simple, with thin, circular frames that draw attention to her soft purple eyes.

The Carbernet heiress' disposition is based on a calm stability, coupled with a quiet, if reclusive nature. Though she is known, to a degree, for her family's businesses, she is not known so much on a personal level, at least not to many. To most, she comes off as almost standoffish and sometimes aloof, despite the seemingly permanent sweetness to her face. In class, she is typically found with her nose in a book. Such things have earned her the status of being the "freaky little loner kid," as she associates little with people outside of the small friend group that she established as a child. Her actual reputation, as such, is very unlike the, "quiet child that smiles too much and will kill us all," rumors that sometimes circulate around her. In reality, she doesn't really have anything to hide, and she'd not against socializing so much as she is selective about those she chooses to befriend and care for. Towards those people, she is comparitively very open and inviting, though she still speaks rather little, at least in contrast to most girls her age.


Thread History


Heiress to Carbernet Orchards (shown under "Living Space")

Living Space

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Lani's Second Character: Phoebe (WIP)
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