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 The Rule of Damocles

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PostSubject: The Rule of Damocles   Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:43 am

On a site where characters can potentially scale infinitely, it is without a doubt that at some point, a character will go beyond the point where they can reasonably be controlled in a method that is both fair and realistic. When a character reaches this status, they will be given an ultimatum in order to ensure the health of the site's power economy. Either your character can voluntarily step down, in a way, and no longer participate in the forum's constant battle for power. For the most part, this means no more combat threads for them, but they can still show up in certain events where the people of Avalon need assistance from someone greater than them, and they'll still be able to roleplay in normal threads. (Of course, these characters will be able to defend themselves if attacked.) Alternatively, we can inflict divine punishment upon the character in a fashion that you prefer. This could be death from the gods, eternal imprisonment, being removed from existence, etc. In some of these cases, the character will remain available behind the scenes for certain events. Either way, there comes a time for every character's story to end. When yours comes, please politely comply, and begin drafting up your next character.
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The Rule of Damocles
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