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 Creation Perks [WIP]

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PostSubject: Creation Perks [WIP]   Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:01 am

Every character is different in their own way. Through their personality, basic stats, appearance, etc. but most of all, they're different in their souls. A character's Essence, their spiritual existence, is a part of them that truly determines who they are. Take someone's Essence away, and they are nothing but a shell; a soulless body. Because everyone's Essence is different, everyone has different little qualities that change them beyond their physical qualities. These are represented by Perks, at character generation. Later, when you consume another character's Essence, you can incorporate their Essence into yours, allowing you to purchase Essence Perks, which vary somewhat from creation Perks. Essence Perks aren't important right now, though, so we'll go over the creation Perks here.

At creation, all characters get three precious points to spend on Perks. If they wish to receive more Perks, they may also take Faults, which give them points back to spend on more Perks. Below is a list of all of the creation Perks. Some are duplicated as Essence Perks later on. Those that are not duplicated will be noted, so you know which ones you won't be able to get later. This is just a soft list, and we're always adding to it, so if you ever have ideas for your own Perks or Faults, feel free to ask a Staff Member.

Stat Perks
These Perks are ones that directly affect your basic character stats, like your Strength or Spirit.

+1 to a Stat*: This Perk increases one of your stats at creation by 1. It can be taken multiple times, however it can not be used to increase a stat to 10. *You can't get this Perk as an Essence Perk, but there is a similar version.
Cost: 1

Acute Senses: You can choose a single one of a character's five senses, and it is enhanced beyond the normal capabilities of a human. In the event that you are asked to make a PER check, you may increase your roll by 3, if the relevant sense is being used for the check in some way. Additionally, your Combat Awareness is increased by 30 permanently.
Cost: 1

Untiring: To determine how much Fatigue your character has, add 3 points to your CON. This can be taken up to three times for a total of +9 Fatigue.
Cost: 1-3

Exceptional Physical Resistance: When rolling Poison or Physical Resistance, add 25 to your CON modifier. This Perk may be purchased twice.
Cost: 1-2

Exceptional Magical Resistance: When rolling Magic Resistance, add 25 to your SPI modifier. This Perk may be purchased twice.
Cost: 1-2

Exceptional Psychic Resistance: When rolling Psychic Resistance, add 25 to your WIL modifier. This Perk may be purchased twice.
Cost: 1-2

Hardy: Increase your Life Points by 20. This perk may be purchased three times.
Cost: 1-3

Aesthetic Perks
Don't be fooled by the name, these Perks are for more than just show, but they don't incur any mechanical affects. At least, none that would come up commonly enough--or in enough of a static manner--to be mentioned. Mostly, these affect how your character interacts with the lore of the world, or rather, how the world interacts with your character.
A lot of these won't really give you much of a way of understanding what exactly they do, or why they're worth it,
and some of them could actually end up being absolutely worthless if you're not actively searching for the figurative locks that these keys open. They're mostly rp beneficial, so I wouldn't recommend trying to take them in hopes of stat gains.

String of Fate*: You are bound to another individual by fate. You are unaware of the character tied to you, however upon meeting, you will both feel an odd connection to one another, and you will be informed--out of character--that you have found each other. When you are together, certain encounters will go differently; typically more favorably so. Ties are determined pseudo-randomly, and usually not immediately upon character creation.
*You can't get this Perk as an Essence Perk
Cost: 1

Bloodline - Behemoth: You are descended of those who worshiped an ancient beast of the earth. The earth molds around you, and you are at home on fresh soil. Natural landslides, sinkholes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will not harm you unless you or someone else actively places you in harms way. The skies are your enemy.
Cost: 2

Bloodline - Ziz: You are descended of those who worshiped an ancient beast of the sky. High places are the safest for you, and even when you fall, the air cushions your descent and you remain unscathed. Lightning will not strike you, and hurricanes will pass through you so long as they are not magical. The ocean is your enemy.
Cost: 2

Bloodline - Leviathan: You are descended of those who worshiped an ancient beast of the seas. Water, especially saltwater, is a comforting respite. You will always remain afloat in the sea, animals of the ocean will not harm you of their own accord, and you can hold your breath three times as long as you would otherwise. The earth is your enemy.
Cost: 2

Renown: You are known by most average people in Avalon for a specific thing you've done, like writing a very well known book, or making a considerable discovery in a field of research. This gives you the status of a minor celebrity, and could earn you the favor npc's pretty easily, especially those devoted to a field related to your achievement. This has no affect on NPCs.
Cost: 1

The Royal Family: You are a member of the ruling class, the Pendragon family. Not only is your name known to everyone, you have classified access to any government organization, and can receive favors from the family as well as their considerable wealth. The family does have high standards, however, and if you lead the family to disapprove of your decisions, they very well may disown you--what happens within the castle walls is seldom judged, though--and the fight to reclaim one's place among the Pendragons is often a difficult one.
Cost: 2 [See Staff for availability]

Oracle: Like the Queen of Avalon, some individuals are blessed with great insight into the future when coming into contact with certain things. Or rather, they're blessed with insight on a single possibility of the future. Oracles often spoke out against the Tower of Babel, as they had already seen the Rapture take place. You are one such individual, and when coming into contact with certain triggers among the world, you will reach an Epiphany that will inform you of things unseen to the naked eye. Everyone experiences Epiphanies differently. For example, members of the Pendragon family, like the Queen and Prince Artoriace, experience vivid hallucinations where they are subject to whatever event they bare witness to.
Cost: 1
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Creation Perks [WIP]
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