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 General Forum Rules

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PostSubject: General Forum Rules   Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:20 am

Welcome all new members. Icarus Drive is a roleplaying forum with mechanics reminiscent of tabletop rpgs, and focuses heavily on player to player conflict, as well as plot-driven events. The forum features and encourages mature concepts such as death, torture, psychological illness, and disturbing theories or occurrences. You are by no means required to participate in such content, but this is the focus of the site. Our forum follows a list of generic rules which are listed below:

1. While in character hate speech [ie. racism, sexual harassment, etc.] is permitted, out of character occurrences are considered a serious offense. It's okay to joke around with your friends, but if someone gets offended or asks you to stop, please be respectful.

2. Solicitation is not permitted and will be removed. If you wish to advertise another site, please speak to an admin directly, and your request will be reviewed.

3. Sexual themes in threads are permitted, but any topic containing them, or graphic violence should be labeled as [NSFW] so as to be filtered out by those who do not wish to see them.

4. There is no limit to the number of characters any user can control, however characters deemed inactive will be considered npcs, and revoked from the user's privilege until their user proves their ability to upkeep said character. If you would not like your character to become an npc, but know they are going to become inactive, please send a request to the staff detailing a realistic scenario in which your character will be unavailable either permanently or for however long they are expected to be inactive.

5. Separate accounts should be made for each individual character. This is done to better sort character sheets.

6. We already work very hard to prevent the possibility of metagaming--using out of character knowledge to gain an advantage in character--so please do not make active attempts to do so. If a post is believed to be metagamed, you will be asked to rewrite it.

7. Mechanics make godmodding very difficult, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible. Always apply appropriate combat modifiers, such as blindness, surprise, etc. If you ever feel as though someone in a thread is not applying the appropriate combat modifiers, please bring the issue to the staff's attention, and it will be dealt with.

8. Be sure to include any prepared advantages, such as traps, equipment, or preemptive positioning in either your Secrets or a private message to staff, prior to your first post in any thread. [ie. If I am going to fight someone in the Abbey of the Gods and I intend on creating a fault in the structure of one of the Abbey's support beams as a trap, I should either post a mini-thread detailing this in my Secrets, or inform staff before I write the post of my character in the Abbey.] There are some minor exceptions to this rule, but they are case-by-case.

9. Any time you purchase new abilities or perks for your character, please have staff do a quick look over your sheet to make sure that you did not over/under spend, and that you understand what you've purchased and how it affects your character beyond raw mechanics. Certain abilities can be complicated, or may be written in fashions that seem ambiguous, and it is important to maintain consistency and balance.

10. Please keep your Shard and Gold ledger updated consistently. Keeping track of spending is important for both the site's monetary economy, and player-to-player balance.

11. Do not trick other players out of character into letting you kill their character. Killing other characters to gain power is definitely a part of this site, as well as deception, but telling another user that you want to do a friendly thread, only to kill their character with a sneak attack is not acceptable. This is not actually expressly against the rules, but is greatly frowned upon and will lose you respect. Additionally, doing this will incur negative consequences such as reduced rewards, hostile npc's created with the purpose of antagonizing your character, and exclusion from certain events. If you want your character to deceptively betray his "friends", you should either do so in a thread that is considered openly dangerous already [such as a fight], or express to the other user that this thread WILL be hostile. You do not need to expressly explain to them that you are going to "sneak attack" them, but you do need to inform them that there is a possibility your character will try to harm theirs in some fashion.

12. Please do not complain or make a big deal about a fair death. Characters die on this forum, and it is part of the progression. If you don't want your character to die, don't get involved in combat or other dangerous threads/arcs. The forum uses a dice rolling system to factor chance into combat. Sometimes the rolls are against you, sometimes they're with you.

Failure to comply to the rules can result in various penalties and punishments, which will be overseen by staff and handled on a case-by-case basis. If you feel as though someone is disobeying the rules, please bring it to staff attention, and we will review the case.
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General Forum Rules
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