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 Lani's First Character: Rin (WIP)

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PostSubject: Lani's First Character: Rin (WIP)   Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:45 pm

Rin Marendale


Age: 14
Birth Date: May 21st, 2004
Residence: Avalon
Place of Birth:
Occupation: Student, First-Year
Notable Relationships: Engaged to Artoriace "Ace" Pendragon

Biography Pre-Creation: [No minimum word requirement, but please construct a relatively detailed background. If the staff member reviewing this does not feel as though they understand your character's history well enough from reading this, they may ask you to change it.]

Biography Post-Creation:


Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110lbs
Hair Color: White/Silver
Eye Color: Gray-Hazel (looks bluish or greenish depending on the light)
Build: Lean, thin, almost gangly


Ms. Marendale is a thin, lean young woman, though she is not without curves. She stands at an average height with perhaps a low weight, making it seem like her frame is frail or her bones hollow as a bird's. Her hair is a vivid, bright white that can appear silver in the proper lighting. Coupling the otherworldliness of her hair color is the hue of her eyes. Though they are comparitvely normal, they've been known to look anything from silver, to gray, to blue or green, often appearing as these other colors surprisingly vividly, despite their stancdard coloration being a simple, modest gray. She is often found in dresses or skirts, and even in school appears more formal than her peers and elders alike, as though she is trying to dress above her already high station.

The elegance of Rin's station shines through in more than just her appearance, as even her mannerisms and resting positions gave way to her upbringing. Even still, the sweetness on generousity of her heart are easily and quickly found, though her temper may not be far behind. There is a confidence to her that speaks volumes of how foolhardy she may be, though she does have the prowess to hold her own in a fight, be it physical, verbal, or even political. Still, her kindness is what she values and operates through first and foremost, it is just often proven that she is one lady whose wrath one would not wish to incur. With friends, she is the picture of a golden heart and an outgoing, if adventurous nature. Around those she finds less savory, she can come across as snooty and haughty, befitting the stereotypes of her birthright all too well.

Thread History
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Ability 1Ability 1 DescriptionAbility 1 Cost
Ability 2Ability 2 DescriptionAbility 2 Cost

[List your publicly known assets, such as weapons, possessions, contracts, titles, etc. Small things, like student textbooks, or clothing don't need to go here, just significant stuff.]

Living Space
[No real detail needs to go into this for most people, but those with larger or unique homes should write out a good description so that any thread taking place here has a kind of map to follow. Once again, only list things that are publicly known here. If your character is believed to be homeless, but actually lives in an elegant castle in a distant land, leave that in your Secrets.]
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Lani's First Character: Rin (WIP)
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