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 Ema's First Sheet

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PostSubject: Ema's First Sheet   Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:16 am

Chigusa Yori


Birth Date: [the year is 2018]
Residence: Avalon
Place of Birth: Avalon
Occupation: First
Organizations: Track and Field,
Notable Relationships: N/A

Biography Pre-Creation:

Biography Post-Creation: To Come


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Purple
Build: Lean

Appearance: [Either put an image of your character, or write a description of their appearance. If you choose to write a description, please make it detailed enough to where we can paint a realistic picture of the character.]

[A description of your character's general personality. What do they like, how do they act in public, ect. Things that you wouldn't normally be able to tell by talking to them may stay exclusive to your secret sheet.]

Thread History
[You can format this section however you want. Tables, paragraphs, etc. So long as you make sure to include the name of every thread your character participates in, as well as a link to said thread. You don't actually have to write anything beyond the thread name and link, but I personally recommend writing short entries on what happened in these threads. This could, theoretically, replace the post-creation biography on your sheet.]

[This can also be formatted however you'd like, but I recommend not listing the specific abilities/stats of your character here. Those will go into your Secrets section. Instead, you should list how any of your abilities are publicly known to function and appear.]

[List your publicly known assets, such as weapons, possessions, contracts, titles, etc. Small things, like student textbooks, or clothing don't need to go here, just significant stuff.]

Living Space
[No real detail needs to go into this for most people, but those with larger or unique homes should write out a good description so that any thread taking place here has a kind of map to follow. Once again, only list things that are publicly known here. If your character is believed to be homeless, but actually lives in an elegant castle in a distant land, leave that in your Secrets.]
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Ema's First Sheet
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